The Bucks Co Top 5 party ideas - ACTIVITIES

Stuck on an a few bucks party ideas?? The Bucks Co Top 5 are a sure fire way to guarantee a Bucks do that the lads will love!
Posted 4 years ago


Here at The Bucks Co we work tirelessly to test and discover new activities (someone’s gotta do it..) After months of testing… We can now reveal our Top 5 The Bucks Co Party Ideas - Activities!

Coming in at number 5!

Here it goes, down into my belly.” -Ron Burgundy. Dark Spirits is in a resurgence world wide, and many are capitalising with tours of the boutique distilleries popping up around the country. Has a real gentleman’s club feel to it, a few ice blocks, aged scotch and rich mahogany creating a perfect environment to re-live the best years of the Buck’s life. Yes, we’re including the years to come. 

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  • 7 Whisky's from Scotland, Japan and Australia
  • Cheese and dark chocolate to match
  • Your own session in a CBD bar
  • Learn the history and production of Whisky
  • Match with a fine cuban cigar
  • Your own Bucks Co party planner
  • Online itinerary you can share with the lads

Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Hobart.

Number 4


Golf isn’t really that fun unless you can belt around in a few carts, nearly turn it over behind that bunker on the 8th, and sneak a few throat charmers into the glove box. The Bucks Co can organise that all for you. If you and the mates fancy yourselves as budding Jason Day’s, we can even find a course more befitting your (alleged) skills. It is the perfect Bucks Party event if you have a few different sets of mates who don’t know each other. Let them bond over their collective poor swings, missed 3 footers and putts from the rough.

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  • 18 holes golf
  • Electric carts or pull buggies
  • Nearest the pin and long drive competitions
  • BBQ lunch
  • Drinks cart on course

Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Airlie Beach and Hobart

Number 3


The burgeoning craft beer market makes this an even better experience for the taste buds at so many locations. The beer guys can look after the party no end, with some offering tours of the facilities, others overflowing ‘tasters’ of every beer on offer and all provide great environments to kick off the staple of most bucks parties; daytime drinking. The beauty of the brewery tour is it can be an afternoon session with the lads, or it can be a little taster for a bigger day. You tell us, we’ll make it happen.

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  • Visit 3-5 breweries
  • Professional guide
  • Plenty of tastings
  • Lunch
  • Transport

Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Perth

Number 2


The only way Kenny Powers chooses to relax is on the Flyboard. You and the party can blast yourself up to 30ft in the air by a power of water, balancing on a skateboard effectively. Surprisingly operators suggest it only takes about 20 minutes to pick it up, so you don’t have to waste half the day spitting salt water out of your mouth. The Bucks Co went along and had our somewhat large mate hit the deck for well over 20 minutes, and suggests the experience was far better for that regardless. 

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  • Full training
  • Guaranteed air time
  • Fly like superman

Available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Airlie Beach, Sydney, Gold Coast and Hobart

and the number one The Bucks Co Party Ideas - activity...


The only flop you’ll get on a Bucks Co event!  Actually wait, does that mean you’ll be erect for most of it? We’ll stop now. The Poker night has steadily grown in popularity over the journey. Patron Saint of the Buck, Warney, is on the World tour for goodness sake. From teaching the basics for beginners or keeping an eye on the card counters amongst the party, our Poker night can cater for all. If you fancy turning the heat up on your Poker night, we can organise some topless waitresses and dealers (even a show), so don’t be shy, sing out.

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  • A sexy topless poker dealer
  • Professional poker table, cards and chips
  • Private use of a venue or at your hotel
  • Professional scoring system

Available in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast