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Free-Fall at 200km Per Hour

  • Time

    Allow around 2-hours

  • Price

    From $275pp*

  • People

    You tell us!

  • Destination

Patrick ‘They call him the Bodhisattva’ Swayze did it...in Point Break, so it’s all right by us. You won’t get a bigger rush than Skydiving. Send the Buck first with a Go-Pro strapped to his chest, and you may finish giggling at the footage by the time the Groom’s second anniversary roles around. In terms of Bucks party bonding, skydiving is A1 as an activity.  All of the instructors are highly experienced and safety paramount, both important when you free fall for up to 60 seconds at a pace of up to 200km per hour… Just hold back on the beers before you hit the sky, a few cold ones post dive will taste all the better.

What to expect
  • The greatest bucks day thrill ever

  • Free-fall from over 11,000 feet

  • Video footage of your jump

  • Transport to and from

  • Your own Bucks Co party planner

  • Online itinerary to share with the lads

Keep in mind
  • More Bucks Party Ideas

    Combine with Bubble Soccer

  • Safety First

    Keep the drinks on ice until after

  • Weather

    Best on a sunny afternoon

  • Available In

    Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Airlie Beach, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Queenstown, Las Vegas

  • What Else

    *Pricing and inclusions vary at each destination, your Bucks Co party planner will advise exact inclusions

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