Posted 1 year ago

5. Our new website is the ants pants, the bees knees, the dogs bollocks! Improved navigation, more packages, and easier on the eye makes it an all-in-all improved experience. We’ve put a heap of work into it, and will continue to do so, as ultimately, we want to make the whole process as easy and as enjoyable for all of you. Let us know if you have an improvement we can add in! We’re all ears. 

4. The Spring Carnival highlighted how good racing can be as a lads day out.  Country race courses offer all of the required VIP packages to live the High life, but a more relaxed environment that means you can let your hair down. From Yarra Valley to Birdsville, The Bucks Co has cheered on quaddies from the hill in all locations (winning % sits at about 14%) and highly recommends it. Well worth an each way bet. 

bucks party horse race.jpg

3. Our most popular package was an old favourite - 18 holes of Golf! Maybe it was Tiger’s return that got you all up about? Or the Australian Open in Sydney? Whatever the case, you lot were loving you golf. With packages that include buggies, cold beers throughout, BBQ lunches and opportunity to incorporate other activities (paintball anyone?), Golf suited many to a tee. 

2. Dressing Up - The current Ashes series has shown us the ‘Ritchie Benaud’s’ out in force in Brisbane, a heap of ‘Where's Wally’s’ in Adelaide,  and even 11 Englishman masquerading as Cricketers in both locations! We’ve also seen a few fantastic dress ups at our Bucks parties. We particularly liked the 'Seinfeld' theme for David's Bucks- runners and jeans are our favourite faux pas. And regularly worn by our IT department on Fridays. Face palm.

bucks party costume

1.  As we round out December and 2017, we want to thank all of our Bucks, Best Men, Father’s, Father in Law’s, mates and Brides for helping us deliver some fantastic events for all of our prospective Grooms. We love what we do and we love that you love your mates enough to want to ensure the best day/weekend/week possible. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!