6 Bucks Party Dont's

Here at Bucks Party HQ, we see ourselves as a bunch of do’ers. It is what makes us what we are. We’re pro-active explorers, always looking for the next big party trend and activity. Consider is the Captain Cook of bar crawls. The Neil Armstrong of late night bars. The Ferdinand Magellan of dicey strip clubs. We’re also the last to leave the bar often outstaying our welcome, and have been forcibly removed from parties chanting ‘one more shot’. But that is all a bit ‘take the good with the bad’ vibe. 

Anyways, amongst all the doing, you come across plenty of ‘don’ting’. And, as the best in the Bucks business, we thought it only right to pass on ‘6 Bucks Party don’t’s’ you should avoid, re-think, or at least acknowledge before you forge ahead regardless…

6. Unsolicited uploading of photos. There comes a time in every Bucks party where the cameras should go away. We’re all for the group shot (in fact, encourage you to send them in to us to be uploaded to our Hall of Fame), but we’re thinking post the 4 hour mark of a Bucks party, just be conscious that your photos between your best mates might not be suitable for future wives, employees, Mum’s and Dad’s etc. Hot Tip: Get the Group What’sApp firing, and use that as your central depositary. The Best Man can then control what can go onto further socials, what needs to go in the vault, and what needs to be deleted…

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5. Have the Buck pay. He might sneak the odd pot in, but it should be the exception not the rule. In fact, paying for the drinks puts the ultimate power of choice back in your hands. We had one Bucks Co alumni, Steve, who simply had to drink whatever was bought for him on the day. After easing in with a schooner, the next five drinks were: Ouzo and Cola, Glass of Shiraz, Midori and Milk, Pint of Guinness and finished off with a Smirnoff Double Black. I’d hate to have seen that toilet bowl at the beginning of Day 2. A couple of extra dollaroos from the lads at the beginning of the day will more than cover old mate, and provide opportunity for a costume or impromptu activity. Think sky diving, strip show, dress him as a surf complete with blue paint or ‘one more shot’. 

4. Opt out of the group quaddie. It is genuinely un-Australian to not chip-in. If you know a bloke that likes to punt on the side and not chuck $20 into the group quaddie, you need to take serious action and mediation. If they start quoting odds of said group quaddie saluting (e.g. "Seriously guys, this a million to one it wins. My place bets will at least pay for my next Kopparberg Peach Cider"), we’d strongly consider leaving them off the invite list all together. It’s twenty bucks, mate... And that lobster represents hope, dreams, possibility and the best ship after the HMS Victory, mate-ship.  

Horse Racing

3. Split Up - You’re all there for one reason, remember that. The longer you are together, the more memories are made and reminisced with massive embellishment the next day (it’s a fact). You’re always going to get the break out group keen to move on, but a Best Man just needs to manage expectation. A solid run plan is a great way to keep everyone together, until well after dark, when you can set the lads free. After all, some birds feathers are too bright to remain caged. We just want to avoid a post dinner splintering. Old mates The Bucks Co have a black book of venues we can provide VIP entry, bespoke areas, even private bars, which are great ways to keep the boys together.

Reality is, as much as you love going to ‘Cool’ Nightclub most Saturday’s and winking at the bouncer as he gives you $5 off the $30 cover charge on the door, give it a spell for the Bucks. At Bucks Co HQ we’re all about inclusion. For instance, we often let our IT guy play as goal keeper in the 6 a side mid-week when we literally can’t find anyone else. Hence, we’re pretty stubborn on providing opportunity for the full group to establish bonds that last at least until the wedding (we envisage the scene from Fight Club where two members give knowing nods and winks, acknowledging the shared experiences they’ve had that will forever remain unspoken.) 

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2. Too hard, too early - Caused some debate.. As a shooting star the Buck often provides the best entertainment. A quick unravelling will always give plenty of laughs, but the reality is, just like Chinese water torture, the prolonged suffering/fun (dependent on how sadistic you are) should always be top of mind. A light-weight Buck who is three sheets to the wind after 6 pints is a hard one to manage. What you can monitor is 12 x Jager shots in a row forced down his throat by a few renegade attendees. If a few games involve punishment, let the Buck ‘sub’ someone in if it is starting to look a little ropey. Subtly take some heat off the Buck by having games for the whole crew; think ‘Buffalo’, where you can only drink out of your left hand. Or the peg game, where you place the one peg on an unknown party member and count down from 10. If the peg isn’t found by the time you hit 1, finish off your drink. 

1. Go in under prepared - Never undercook your Bucks party prep! It just isn’t worth the risk. Nothing worse than having the magical Buck party invite in your calendar, have the day arrive, excitedly turn up at point A, and have the best man say, “so, we’re gonna go to the pub for a bit, and see what happens. If anyone wants to do anything specifically, let us know’. Nup. Fuck that. If the job is too big for one, employ a committee, set up a WhatsApp group and divide responsibilities. Read our blogs, check  out some of the great activities we have, and start to put together a plan in advance. Speak to the Buck; not everything will specifically cater to them (nor should it), but any Bucks day should be skewed somewhat towards their interests. Plan your games and leaders of the games (split the load), plan your punishments, be clear and concise and then, sit back with stub in hand and watch the organised chaos ensue. Trust us, it will all be worth it. With a team of party planners at your disposal, The Bucks Co are your best mates in preparation. Idea? Get started now with our shiny new website to play on: www.thebucks.co

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Julian Haines
Founder - Buttoned Up Events

Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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