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We get it, we have a stingey mate too (Hi Adam... tag him) Always last to shout, won’t chip in for presents and collects the money at group dinners so he can collect the frequent flyer points/be the benefactor of any left over coin.

He’s probably the same bloke that thumbed his nose when you mooted Vegas as a possible party destination for your Bucks party. A man doesn’t get many free hits for Vegas, Adam. Ffs. 

Alternatively, you may just be keen to stretch your coin as far as it can go. Makes sense. Either way, we’ve got a few simple tips to ensuring you’re maximising your dollar and driving some real value for your party...

We have some fantastic activities that are inexpensive. These include: golf, bubble soccer, barefoot bowls, axe throwing and go karts - all take up a good chunk of time, are a hell of a lot of fun, and are pretty inexpensive in the scheme of things.  

A Private Bar with a minimum spend is a great way for people to pay to play. A solid way to still have all the fun, but cater for the blokes who are a bit light on the dosh. Essentially, you’re running a cash bar, the blokes who are happy paying, can carry on their merry way. 

More the merrier - many activities will get cheaper the more you book for. E.g. Boat cruise, brewery tour and a private bar all get cheaper with the more people to share the cost. We’re not encouraging you to invite the second cousin you met once at a wedding, but, might be worth extending the invite to a few mates from the local sports club that add a bit of value. 

Stay local - keep the plane and accommodation out of the package. Stay in your own city or hit up a regional hub. If you’re in Melbourne, think Geelong, Ballarat or Sorrento. Sydney-siders, check out Bondi, Newcastle and Byron. 

Brisbane locals, get up to the Gold Coast. You get the point - an hour drive is is a good as going on an Overseas jaunt. For instance, The Bucks Co once went to a Bucks party in regional SA. No one could speak English, and we could have sworn they even used different currency. 

Start later- dinner or afternoon drinks into a nighttime activity reduces the cost of a day time activity. Bizarrely, the later you start, it tends to make you hangover 3 times worse though. Go figure. Stock up on the Berocca.  

Utlise the many passes/free entry opportunities The Bucks Co has available - with nightclub and strip club entry included in many of our packages it's free money. Stand next to a 'big timer' at the strippers and join in his fun. Unitl he tells you to piss off or security forcibly removes you..

The Bucks Co accommodation - bunk up - our cheap accommodation options often offer shared facilities, rooms for 4 etc. Bit like bunking with your mates when you went around Europe, or the sleepovers you had when you were 12. FYI, a well-timed fart is still funny in any shared sleeping situation. A second deserves a giggle, a third is downright dirty. 

Check out our blog - https://thebucks.co/news/5-bucks-party-must-dos/ - one of the challenges is to busk. If you're any good, raise some real money! As we identified in our five tips, getting the Buck to busk and raise money is a genuine riot, and if you have an undiscovered talent, might be a money maker. 

Horse racing etc - Gamble the night away (disclaimer: you're not allowed to sue if you run with this) A win at the races can fund some of the best nights out. Study the guide, grab some tips (we’re a keen follower of The Peacock), or just apply some dumb luck. A win is a win, and is one of the Bucks party great joys. Amazing how quickly a win disappears though. We’re not here to argue, but a limo back from the Dapto dogs after getting the quaddy is a tad aggressive. 

Time is Money : reality is, you’re off to a flyer getting this far. Bucks parties can be a hassle and bringing it all together is time consuming stuff. It’s what we do, and do well, so hand over the reigns, go get a part time job with all of your spare time, and soon you will be swimming in dollar bills ya'll. And have the best Bucks party in the world! 

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Emily Christensen

After saying cya to the corporate world, Emily has taken her experience with people and business and put pen to paper. In reality, it's more fingers to the keyboard, but nonetheless, she is crafting copy and content online to help businesses show the world just how great they are!

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