A Groomsmen Guide: Everything you need to know.

He’s done it, your best mate has popped the question and now you’ve been asked to stand beside him on his big day! Being a groomsman is a privilege, and with such great honour, comes great responsibilities. There’s more to it than getting together and sharing a beer at the bucks party (although you’ll have plenty of time to do that), you’re going to need to be reliable, supportive, and there to lend a helping hand. The good thing is you don’t have to do it alone, chances are there are a few other groomsmen to rally together to make the job easier. Plus, you’ve got us and we’ve been around and seen a few weddings in our time! So let’s get you ready to be the best groomsman to your best mate.

Groomsman Duties

1. Plan the buck’s party. I don’t think we need to give any prompting for this one, it may have been one of the first things that sprung to mind! If you’re looking for some pointers on how to plan an epic buck’s party though, check out our top tips here!

2. Help the groom-to-be decide on his suit. Give honest feedback, if he wants you there to help him, you agreeing with everything he says isn’t going to help. If you’re not loving it, tell him.

3. Organise your own suit. Whether it’s purchasing or renting one, make sure you get this sorted well ahead of time.

4. Attend all events. Bucks (obviously), rehearsal dinner, and any other pre-wedding events. You may even have a part in planning these as well, so ask the questions, put your hand up where you can, and help to make the lead-up to the wedding as stress-free as possible.

5. Organise a gift. This doesn’t have to be a solo mission, you and the rest of the boys might want to go in together and organise a joint present from all of you.

6. Usher in the guests. This isn’t always the case, but at times, groomsmen do double as ushers at the ceremony. Find out ahead of time if this is the plan so you can be all over it when it’s time to help everyone find their seats when the bride is arriving.

7. It’s time to talk! This is usually reserved for the best man, so if that’s you, get ready to wow the crowd with your words! We know you’ve probably got a lot to say, but try and keep it concise and to maybe 3-4 minutes.

8. Look after the rings, again, usually the best man, but it can be a group effort to make sure you know where these are at all times until the ceremony.

9. Stick to schedule. This goes for arriving on time, getting the guests into their seats, being available for photos etc. Speak to the bride and groom ahead of time so you know the schedule for the day. This will ensure that you can assist the newlyweds when it comes to keeping their day running on time and smoothly.

10. Help out the bridesmaids. You’ll generally walk into the reception with them, start the dance floor with them and be in some formal photos beside them as well. It never goes astray to offer a helping hand out to the girls during the day too.

Groomsman Guidelines


  • Show some love. You’re obviously one of the groom-to-be’s best mates right, and this comes first and foremost. He may be under a bit of stress planning the big day and he may need you to show him a bit of love and support during this time. If he’s feeling anxious or stressed, or whatever the situation may be, just ensure you are there for him in the lead-up, and for him and his bride on the big day.

  • Be on time! Whilst there is some leeway given to the bride if she is a little late, this is not, I repeat, not the case for the groom! Get him to the event on time!

  • Know your stuff. This comes down to doing a bit of research before the big day. You’ll want to know the timings of special moments throughout the day. You’ll also want to know a few things about the venue, where the seating chart is, and where the bar and toilets are is a good start. Guests will most likely come up to you and ask you questions, so try and be as helpful as you can be!

  • Get groovy. Be ready for this one lads, it is expected that the bridal party (so the bridesmaids and the groomsman) will help to get the party started and kick off the dance floor! 

  • Mingle and socialise. Make the guests all feel welcome and ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time! Try and be inclusive to all guests, if someone is dancing by themselves, offer a hand and have a boogie with them. Happy guests equal a happy bride and groom!

  • Be helpful. Yes, you cannot wait to party it up with your mates at the wedding, just remember you are there to support the groom. Of course, enjoy yourself, but be there if the groom (or bride) needs anything. Realistically, little things may come up during the day that requires attending to, so try and go above and beyond to ensure the day runs smoothly. This is why the groom chose you, he knows he can count on you when it matters most. 



These may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s worth us putting it out there, as we’ve seen it all before!

  • Don’t plan the buck’s party for the night before the wedding.

  • Likewise, don’t get the groom drunk the night before the wedding.

  • Don’t leave your suit fittings to the last minute.

  • Don’t get drunk at any of the events! Enjoy, but pace yourself.

  • Don’t bring up inappropriate topics and humiliate the groom during the best man’s speech.

All in all, standing beside one of your best mates as he takes the plunge is a pretty special moment. Being one of the chosen few groomsmen, it is up to you to make sure the big day (and the lead-up) goes to plan. It’s a team effort, so rally the boys, and take the time to prepare so you can all enjoy yourselves, whilst still making sure your best mate has an unforgettable day.

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