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The winter months are growing in popularity for bucks parties. With some fantastic bucks party ideas in warmer States like Queensland and Western Australia (and for the more adventurous; Vegas), you can escape the cold comfortable in the knowledge you will have one of the best bucks parties imaginable. Great news right? Well yeah, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t some equally cracking bucks party ideas available, and better suited to the cold.  As is The Bucks Co want, we’ve done the hard work for you and given the top 5 best bucks activities for Winter.


The Number 5 best bucks party idea for Winter…

Brewery Tour - Yes, yes, we know, The Bucks Co could easily be skippering the Obvious XI when pumping up a brewery tour for  Bucks party. But, reality is, it needs to be featured or we just weren’t doing this cracking list justice. With the craft beer market taking off, there has never been a better time to compare some of the new pups on the market with the old favourites. A bus takes you door to door to eliminate the weather factor, and who doesn’t enjoy a ‘froff' or three in the warmth of a brewery? Well, maybe those cool guys in the Corona ads. They like their beers in the sun on the roof of a Combie. Wankers. BRISBANE Ballistic Beer Group Front


The Number 4 best bucks party idea for Winter…

Golf Simulator - Why ruin the great game of golf by having to cover 10kms across the dunes, rough and water? You can still get your 100 shots in Shooter, but with the simulator, you don’t have to chase it all around. Want some better news? It might be absolutely bucketing down outside and you and the boys are hacking your way around a simulation of Augusta with a fully stocked bar just an arm reach away. Clocking in at around the 3-hour mark, it is a great ‘starter’ activity, enabling people to introduce themselves in a relaxed environment and paying scant regard to whether the weather has turned sour outside.  9490dd9IMG 6478


The number 3 best bucks party idea for Winter… 

Night at the Dogs - The big horse racing courses cater for the wet weather, so they are still an option, but we think the Dogs is the way to go when the shrink factor is higher than George Costanza post pool dip. Behind the glass cheering your quaddie home while the cold beers and hot food gets brought out in a timely fashion is where it is at. Often the dogs isn’t the most salubrious of surrounds, but that creates a really relaxed atmosphere and looser crowd to enjoy. Suits are also optional, so you won’t have the issue of getting into a nightclub late on - the bane of every race goers existence. 


The number 2 best bucks party idea for Winter… 

Private Box AFL Game - Australia’s favourite Indigenous game offers plenty in the cold.  The caveat being HOW you watch the game. To hit the heights of number two on this list the answer is simple. Private Box. A private box lets you look over the ground, beers flow and the party pies slide straight from a pie warmer into your hot little hand. With capacity of up to 15, the cost isn’t prohibitive. And, as much as we enjoy footy from the outer, one cold pie, a vocal opposition supporter and a dubious mid-strength beer can push any man to the edge. 


And finally, the number 1 best bucks party idea for Winter is…

Whiskey and Cigars - Nothing warms up the insides more than an 18 YO Scotch and an accompanying cigar. It also takes the pace our of a Bucks Day and gives friends the opportunity to reflect, enjoy tall stories of days gone by and ultimately bullshit to each other about the ‘banana’ they can actively taste in the Glenmorangie. Think deep mahogany couches, a warm fire and you and the Groom blowing rings in the air before launching into the last night as a free man…

Have a better winter activity we’ve missed? Send us a message on our Facebook page, and we’ll give it stronger consideration than many in the UK gave the Brexit vote. 


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Julian Haines
Founder - Buttoned Up Events

Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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