23 Favourite Bucks Party Pranks

Now, what’s a buck’s party without a cheeky little prank or two? Some would even go as far as to say that it’s a tradition! And who are we to stand in the way of tradition? Well, good thing is, we aren’t! And we’re actually here to give you some pranking pointers and get the brains ticking over as to what you can do, and what kind of fun you can have, with the unsuspecting buck!

A few things to remember

  • Keep it legal, no one needs the police to be involved!
  •  Safety first, there’s no need for anyone to be put in a situation that involves any real danger.
  • Bear the bride in mind, sure it might be hilarious in theory to shave the groom’s head or to talk him into getting an eyebrow pierced, however, keep in mind this bloke’s got to get married soon! Don’t do anything that’s going to get him into any serious trouble with the Mrs.


Now, without further ado let's get to the pranks! Here’s a list of some of our favourites!

1. Kidnapping the groom - Absolute classic! You’ve got the buck’s party all planned out, and in the groom’s mind, you’ll all be meeting at midday tomorrow. Little does he know that you and the boys have other plans. You could add some dress-ups to the mix (a balaclava always goes down a treat with this one) and raid his home whilst he is sleeping and kidnap the groom to get the party started early!

2. Switcheroo - As the time comes to get ready for the night ahead and the groom jumps in the shower, grab all of his clothes and either swap them for a mankini, maybe a dress or even just leave him with his towel! Then as the groom gets out of the shower, he’s really only left with one option. If you’ve all bailed to meet him at the pub, looks like he will be joining you in whatever you have left for him to wear!

3. Play dress-ups - Take your pick! Maybe you want to dress up the groom as a fairy or a princess, or maybe you want to dress him up in grandma clothes, this one is always a bit of fun! All the boys could bring random items of clothing and the groom has to wear all of them, or you all hit up op-shops and costume shops to plan out the perfect outfit! Also, if you've chosen to theme your buck's party, this is a great way to bring the theme to life! 

Group of men at a buck's party in Super Hero costumes

4. The chocolate bar - Get your hands on some fun-size chocolate bars and wait for the buck to fall asleep. Now, whilst he is out of it, carefully slip the chocolate bar into his underwear and wait. During his sleep, the chocolate bar will inevitably melt with the body heat, and the groom-to-be will wake up to a very messy situation! 

5. The busker - Let’s see what skills the buck really has. Whilst you’re out, strip the buck of his belongings (you can leave him dressed for this one). Without his phone, wallet and keys, the buck will be forced to try and busk for his money to get home. Leave him some props if you will, maybe some juggling balls, maybe a guitar, and leave the rest to him.

6. Decorate the groom - This could really be anything. From a fake tattoo to dying his hair, or trying your hand at some clown make-up. The best time to decorate the lucky buck is when he is fast asleep and has no idea what he is in for! Then before you leave for the party or even the morning after, make sure he doesn’t have time to check himself in the mirror before you head out in public.

7. UV paint - This is sneaky and subtle. Organise some matching T-shirts for the occasion that all the guests can wear, however, tamper with the buck’s one before giving it to him. Using UV paint to write something or draw something onto the shirt, is going to be naked to the visible eye initially. But, that’s only until you hit the clubs with any kind of white light and your masterpiece will appear, and then it’s too late to change!
 Man with UV paint on his face and chest

8. The pick-up line - Go around the group and give the buck your favourite pick-up line, the more cringe the better! It is now the buck’s turn to try his luck with each of the lines and see how that goes down with the ladies!

9. The lamp post - This is a classic, but for good reason, it’s hilarious! Strip down the buck to just his jocks and tape him up to a lamppost, or whatever post you can find (a tree could work as well!). Keep in mind the buck is in a vulnerable position in this prank so don’t go too far away, we don’t want any unruly strangers taking advantage of him.

10. Fake bride - If the groom is one to have memory loss on a big night out, then this is perfect! Line up a stripper to arrive with a marriage certificate, a wedding ring, and bags packed ready for the honeymoon! If everyone is going along with it, the groom will freak out and start to wonder what happened the night before, and start to figure out a way of getting out of this ‘situation’! That’s until the ‘bride’ reveals her true identity and starts the real show.
 Buck's party on a bus with woman

11. Blow up babe - Tell the groom about a special guest that will be joining in on the celebrations, and make sure to hype up how excited he should be for their arrival. Then, in comes the blow-up doll! This is his date for the night so she must come with the buck everywhere he goes. You could even go all out and handcuff the two together, how romantic!

12. Get slippery - Using vaseline, coconut/olive oil or even lubricant, lather up doorknobs, toilet seats, taps etc. and watch as the buck struggles to do even the most basic of tasks!

13. Hot toothpaste - When the buck isn’t looking, get some hot sauce or wasabi and squirt some into his toothpaste. You’ll probably need to mix it around a little bit with a Q-tip, and then you wait!
 Man in bathroom with toothbrush laughing

14. Glad wrap toilet seat - As the name suggests, you’ll want to glad wrap the bowl, getting the plastic as tight as you can without wrinkles, then place the seat down and pretend as though nothing has changed. When the time comes for the toilet to be used, if the buck hasn’t picked up the plastic, he is in for some splashage!

15. Two sizes too small - When the buck is preoccupied, rummage through his luggage (or if you’re at home, sneak into his underwear drawer) and change out all his underwear for something a little more snug. Try going two sizes down from what he normally wears, or even swap it out for ladies' underwear and he’ll certainly be in for a surprise as he goes to get changed!

16. Water challenge - Whilst the buck is resting his head, set up cups full of water all around him. We are talking about multiple cups spanning out in every direction from where he currently is. Watch as he wakes up to a baffling puzzle and has to work out how to get himself out of this one. Skull them, or spill them! 

17. Wakey Wakey - Simple and effective, there is nothing like a ridiculously early wake-up call. Especially if you’re staying in a hotel, this is easy to organise and you don’t even have to be up yourself to do the dialing!
 Men laying in bed about with alarm clock ringing

18. Icy undies - This adds a whole new meaning to the concept of fresh underwear. As the groom goes to get ready, surprise him with something you’ve prepared earlier. His frozen underwear, prepared by you, especially for the night!

19. Get Moving - The perfect prank for a pub crawl, instead of swaggering along to the next bar, why not mix up the buck’s mode of transport? Give him a mini kid’s tricycle with all the bells and whistles (quite literally)!

20. The most fabulous of strippers - If your buck is expecting a stripper then this is perfect! Instead of organising what he would be imagining, book an extremely manly drag queen stripper! Make sure to get pictures of the performance whilst your buck is enjoying the show

21. Fake tan fail - Use either moisturiser or sunscreen (depending on what is more convincing given the circumstances) and add some fake tan to the bottle. Now the buck will apply the moisturiser/sunscreen as per usual but little does he realise the tan will start to develop over time and before you know it you have an Oompa-Loompa buck!

22. Wax Attack - As the buck sleeps, stick some waxing strips to the hairiest parts of his body (maybe avoid his head, that’s not fun). When he wakes up he will have no choice but to grin and bear it as he rips the wax strip, and his hair, right off!

23. Airport Embarrassment - If you’re heading to the airport for the buck’s party, plant a sex toy with a water bottle into his carry-on. When the bags are checked airport security will discover the bottle and side by side it, the object of ultimate embarrassment for the buck!

Let’s face it, if the buck has ever been to a buck’s party or even watched a movie that features one, he probably realises he is in to be pranked! You’ve got this one special moment where payback doesn’t apply, so go hard (within reason), and see what kind of pranks you can come up with! Make it fun, and have some laughs together as these will sure to be memories you will remember for a lifetime!


4 men sitting at a bar laughing and drinking
Emily Christensen

After saying cya to the corporate world, Emily has taken her experience with people and business and put pen to paper. In reality, it's more fingers to the keyboard, but nonetheless, she is crafting copy and content online to help businesses show the world just how great they are!

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