19 themes to take the bucks party to the next level

With a lot to plan for the buck’s party, having a theme for the celebrations can make things more simple.  It can also make the groom-to-be’s celebrations one to remember! You want the buck’s party to top all other parties to date, right, so having a theme is the perfect way to make it unique and memorable.

In saying that, not everyone may be up for dress-ups. There is no point in having a theme just for the sake of it, particularly if the man of the hour isn’t about it. When choosing a theme, consider the buck’s hobbies and interests, and try to tailor it to him to make the day or night extra special. For example, maybe he’s a sci-fi buff and you could all dress as Star Wars characters. Or maybe, he’s known for his mullet and you all embrace that and do a bucks party bogan style!

What makes a theme great is when everyone is behind it. So make sure all the boys go all-in on the theme and have a bit of fun with it. After all the buck’s got one final night of freedom, so it’s time to go all-out boys!

Here’s our list of the top 19 themes to level up your buck’s party celebrations, see what you think.

1. Heros and Villians

This is the time to re-enact your favourite superhero movie! Chat to the buck first about who he wants to be and then let the boys have free reign over who ever else they wish to come as. Are you going to be one of the good guys or the bad guys, only time will tell.

2. Prisoner

Ah the old ball and chain analogy, it’s an oldie but a goodie! Whether you actually use that as a prop for the night for the buck himself or you dress him as the prisoner and the rest of the lads are prison guards, there are a few combos for you to have a bit of fun with.

3. Gladiator

After the classic film, this theme is perfect for anyone who fancies themself as a bit of a warrior. It doesn’t have to be Gladiator, it could be Sparticus, Braveheart, 300, you name it, these are all great options of themes for macho men who like to swing a sword around. The perfect theme if your activities include any form of bow and arrow usage or axe throwing!

4. Star Wars/Star Trek

For any of those sci-fi fans, this one’s for you! Whether you dress as different characters or you’re all a team of stormtroopers, this will get heads turning no matter where you go. The question is, do you dare to dress the groom as Princess Leia?

5. Pimp

Now when we say pimp, picture Ali G! We’re talking bright coloured tracksuits, oversized bling and swag. The best way to rock this look is to go big - the more over the top the better! Maybe you pair the look with a nightclub package or a catamaran cruise. Did someone say, I’m on a boat?

6. Onesie

The ultimate comfort piece, the onesie! Worn by many, the options are endless for variations to this item of clothing. Whether they’re matching colours or they’re all different kinds of animals, one thing is for sure, you’ll be cosy!

7. Traxedo

I mean we all know the tuxedo, but the traxedo is where style meets comfort. Who remembers the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney shows off his pyjama suit? Well, this theme is exactly that! Who says you can’t look sharp whilst also being extremely comfortable? Maybe you centre the activities around things you would usually do in a tuxedo, think sipping martinis, maybe play some poker, or even the races, except this time, you’re in a traxedo!

8. Boy Bands

You’ve got plenty to choose from here. So if you’re up for it, try the Village People, maybe NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys. It really just depends on if you prefer cowboy hats and policemen, or matching silver suits and double denim.

9. Sports Star

If you’re throwing some kind of sport or game into the mix of activities to do, then this could be a fun one! The sports star you choose to dress as doesn’t even have to match the sport. In fact, how hilarious to dress as a jockey and then go and tee off at a driving range! Doesn’t even have to necessarily be anyone in particular, it could simply be you wearing your high school track and field outfit with your ribbons still attached. You’ll always be a sports star to us!

10. Where’s Wally

Who doesn’t remember this guy? Use this theme as a bit of a tongue in cheek to the groom-to-be if he is known to ditch the boys early on nights out. If he’s got a sense of humour, this will be perfect! It’s an easy dress for everyone to get involved in, and you could create a bunch of games around the theme as well.

11. Morph Suits

Having all the lads in morph suits is a sure-fire way to ensure that none of you loses each other all night long! If you’re participating in a competitive activity throughout the day, this could also be a fun way of distinguishing between the two teams!

12. Viking

Channelling your inner Norsemen, grab your shields and prepare for battle. This theme could be as easy as all adorning a Viking helmet, growing out your beard and drawing on some face tattoos. But with the rise of Vikings in pop culture, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a costume worthy of the Gods.

13. Babies

You may have seen this one before, when the groom-to-be gets all coddled and swaddled up and dressed as a baby. Maybe you make a game out of it too, where the groom can only communicate without talking or has to drink his beer out of a sippy cup!

14. Animals

We’ve probably all been there, where a boy's night has turned us into a bunch of wild animals! Well, embrace it, and pick your favourite. Whether it's a face mask or a full-body suit, release the inner beast!

15. Fun Shirts

This one can be a little easier and suitable for all guests. It’s a fun shirt! Jazz up your standard button-up or class tee with Hawaiian patterns, a neon print or anything else that you can find that’s bold!

16. Lady of the night

Tiara’s, tutu’s, lipstick, glitter. For the rest of the boys, you’ve got it easy with this one, cos this is all about the lucky buck! Dress him up (quite literally in a dress if he’s game), and let his inner goddess shine through!

17. Mario Cart Characters

I mean if your buck’s party plans involve go-karting I feel as though this theme is a must! But, regardless of what your plans are, dressing up like Mario Cart characters is sure to be a laugh!

18. Aussie Bogan

It’s time to embrace your inner bogan! We’re talking flannies, ripped jeans, worn-out work boots, mullets, you name it. The more outrageous the better with this one. Even if it is diving to the back of the closet to find the oldest t-shirt you have, if everyone’s getting involved you’ll all be bogans together! Now pass me a VB.

19. Sumo Suit

Whoever invented the blow-up and giant oversized suits, we thank you! These are brilliant, although I’ll preface this by saying you may want to have a change of clothes at some point as they do get hot! Irrespective of that, sumo suits can be a whole lot of fun. You could incorporate wearing them for a part of the celebrations, or for a particular activity, or just have the groom in it for the first round of drinks. It can be a great way of utilising a theme, without necessarily committing to wearing a costume the entire time!

Words of Wisdom

Pulling off a great theme is all in the planning.  Once the theme has been agreed upon, make sure everyone has plenty of time to prep for it. Depending on what direction you decide to go in, there may be some hiring of costumes so remember to factor that into the budget when organising the celebration as well.

Once you and the boys sit down and begin brainstorming I’m sure you’ll find you can come up with a whole lot more than what we’ve put into our top 19 here! But remember, the best themes are those that truly reflect the groom himself.

Emily Christensen

After saying cya to the corporate world, Emily has taken her experience with people and business and put pen to paper. In reality, it's more fingers to the keyboard, but nonetheless, she is crafting copy and content online to help businesses show the world just how great they are!

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