Surprise Bucks Party

Have you caught the hilarious new video from The Roundabout Crew? If not, you can see what they got up to when they organised a Bachelor party for their single mate here…

If you liked the cut of their jib and wanted to try a few of the activities featured in your next Bucks party, it went a little something like this…

Bubble Soccer 

The best party with Bubbles since Michael Jackson was living it up in the Neverland Ranch! It seems to combine all the best elements of a sporting contest for a party - limited skill for the actual game, protection from a bad injury and the ability to smash into each other ad nauseam with no consequence. For the uninitiated, you pop yourself in a big plastic zorb, pretend to play the ball and secretly co-ordinate to line up the Buck and give him a fearful bubble filled shirt front not seen since Dermy copped it  in the opener of the ’89 AFL Grand Final. It appears that easy. As Tom from The Roundabout Crew finds out, you work up quite a sweat with the effort, so ‘easy’ mightn’t be the right term…


Archery Attack

If you liked Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves or your favourite Lord of the Rings character was Legolas (pull your head in as a start; Legolas, really?), Archery Attack is for you. It continues to grow in popularity and you can combine it with a few challenges as The Roundabout Crew highlight…

Essentially, the party splits into teams and takes each other on with bow and arrow.  A true test of skill, courage and marksmanship. As one Bucks Co employee described it, it is ‘medievel  paintball’ and is a heap of fun. Perfect for the active and competitive Bucks party.


For the competitive buck. Save a shot for the Father in Law. You might not get this opportunity again. Take it. For the rest of the party, grab the camouflage gear and rub some dirt into the face - this is legit warfare. Split into teams and compete over a variety of courses and challenges all the while nailing anyone that comes into your eye line (The Bucks Co has been known to engage in a bit of sabotage for a cheap laugh). Some of the courses, including the one featured in the video, provide a fantastic backdrop for warfare. 

Party Bus with entertainment

A great way to get yourself from A to B, maybe even to see a few T’s along the way… The Party Bus ensures the party don’t stop. Link up your own tunes and let the bus take you around from nightclub to nightclub. Or hire it for a Winery tour. Or just to get from your skydiving event across to your whiskey tasting. Either way it is a heap of fun to travel around and the group stays together the whole time.

Nightclub Entry

Ditch the lines and get yourselves on the right side of the velvet rope. Many a Bucks party has come unstuck at the last moment - a ripping day ruined at the last hurdle - getting yourselves into a nightclub. The Bucks Co has the ear of many a local door man/lady/bouncer/kitcken hand and will happily shepherd you and the crew in the local hotspot. Word of warning; if you’re intoxicated or obnoxious you simply won’t get in (or you miss the dress code ala Frenchy) So look after yourself and finish the night off the right way. 

Despite it being a ‘fake’ bachelor party, we can vouch that The Roundabout Crew had a cracking day and night. Let The Bucks Co team know if you fancy adding some of the activities featured into your big day. And probably don’t film the whole thing…

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Julian Haines
Founder - Buttoned Up Events

Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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