The 5 Best Bucks Party Destinations in Australia for a Boat Cruise

So, you or your best mate is getting married. One of you is probably on top of the bucks party arrangements right? Well, if you are, you've probably already figured out that The Bucks Co boat cruise is what you have to do. But Australia is a big place. You might have your favourite beach towns picked out. Or maybe you're having a hard time picking.

Choices in life can be hard. And you've got a lot of decisions on your plate already today. Why don't we help you out a little? We've got our top five picks for bucks party destinations here in Australia. Why don't you compare your list with ours?

1. A Bucks Party Boat Cruise to Airlie Beach

If you're looking for white sandy beaches, crystalline blue waters, and plenty of excuses for the girls on the boat to wear the skimpiest bikinis possible look no farther than Airlie Beach.You could just laze around on the boat with your bros and babes just soaking up the rays. Or you could bring your rod and reel and land a Marlin or two.

Shute Harbour is probably one of the best places to fish in Australia. And nothing makes your groom more manly than wrestling a massive fish out of the ocean. Airlie Beach is also home to the famous Whitsunday Sailing club that hosts the Airlie Beach Sailing Race Week every year. You can learn to sail, or just grab a bite to eat at their delicious Bistro. Airlie Beach also features some spectacular snorkelling if you want to get your fins wet. The clear blue waters and protected bays among the islands provide some excellent opportunities to commune with the fishes. Ride to Paradise 6

2. Gold Coast

If your bucks party is more in the mood for city life on the coast, check out the Gold Coast. It's the best of both worlds with world class beaches and plenty of places to party.

A boat cruise tops our list, but if you have a group of thrill seekers, check out Dreamworld in the Gold Coast. It's one of the largest theme parks in Australia with some massive coasters. This includes the Tower of Terror II that blasts you straight into the sky. And if you're in the all night party mood, check out one of the Gold Coast club crawls. You'll wake up the next morning wondering how far you crawled and how you ended up wearing your bro's old Hawaiian shirt. If you're looking for something a bit more chill and alternative, check out the Elsewhere Bar. They are always playing more indy dance music and serving drinks you can enjoy. Any Formula 1 racers in your bucks party? Strap them into an extreme go-kart in Gold Coast. At Extreme Karting in Gold Coast, you can live your tarmac dreams. Hop into a Monster Kart that goes over 150 km/h. Or take a 4-hour qualification course and learn about race craft theory. Then slide into a PRAGA DD2 racer for some serious laps.

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3. Sydney Is Where It's At

Sydney is one of Australia's largest cities. And it should be near the top of your list for bucks party destinations. Like most major cities, Sydney has a vast array of life and activity. And narrowing down what you should do on a weekend there can be overwhelming. But there are some amazing things to do that you and your bros should not miss out on. 

It's your groom's last couple nights of freedom, so to speak. Why not torture him by showing him what he won't be able to touch in a few days? It's the classic bucks party tradition. Take your groom to a sleazy strip club. Except the clubs in Sydney are far from sleazy. They're spectacular. And not all of them will offend your bro's sense of least not too much. The Men's Gallery is an old-style Gentleman's Club, with private rooms (including a shower room) and a la carte dining. If you need to be discrete about the fact that you've been to a Gentleman's Club, the club offers receipts with an alias title. So, what happens in Sydney stays in Sydney. And it probably stays there better than in Vegas.

Are you looking for a more classy and speakeasy time without the women flaunting their wares? Check The Old Fitzroy Hotel. It's the best place to get a Guinness and knock back a few bespoke cocktails. And you can eat the best from two french chefs. And it's rumoured that they have the best cheese souffle in Sydney. But we'll let you be the judge of that.01 Rockfish1

4. Born for Melbourne

Melbourneis the unofficial sporting capital of Australia. And according to CNN Travel, it's one of the most livable cities in the world. But we're not going to Melbourne to settle down. Unless you find someone there. And if your groom finds someone there, you've failed your job as best mate. Or have you? We digress.

But if you're making a trip to the unofficial sporting capital of Australia, you have to try out some sport. And what's more buckish than riding down a dirt track at 90 mph? Enter Rally School. If you've ever dreamed of trying your hand at the rally circuit, here's your chance. With their Bucks Day special you can have 4 laps with an instructor and 8 laps behind the wheel. You'll be driving either the super fast and sturdy WRX STI or a Mitsubishi Evo. Both will be tuned perfectly for the course.

5. And Lastly Perth

Perth and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful destinations on our list. And if you're looking for some beachy outdoor adventure for your bucks, check out Lancelin. Lancelin is just up the coast and it has some of the best white sand dunes around. Rent some four wheelers and dart around, jumping the dunes and spraying sand on your mates.

You can fish, windsurf, snorkel or just drink beer. It's really up to you.



Whatever your ideal bucks party is, we can cater. Our boat cruises are highly customizable. And they include your very own Bucks Co party planner to make your trip run smoothly.

So, get on board and reserve your Bucks Co boat cruise today. 

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Julian Haines
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Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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