20 Tips for an Epic Bucks Party!


So, your best mate has popped the question and you've been bestowed the ultimate honour of organising the final night of freedom... Where to start? Right here yo! Read on for The Bucks Co's expert tips to ensuring your Bucks party is one for the ages. Comfortably the best tips since Zac from Saved by the Bell. 

1. Get the invite list right. Go wider than just those who are attending the wedding (blokes don’t care about this as much as girls), but no need to go too wide and include the missus’ third best friends new boyfriend. He’s not in the vault yet. He’ll need to earn that shit. 

2. Changing city for a Bucks is a two-night minimum. Kidding yourself if you think blokes want to board a plane for 1 night. Or get back on one after one night. Car travel less than 4 hours can be for 1 night only. 

3. All photos must be vetoed by the Best Man. A no photo rule is ridiculous. An early one of the lads at lunch/non-decrepit activity is a great way to keep those at home thinking all is calm. No need for ‘the storm’ to make it to FB however. 


4. Buy your round, and if in doubt, buy it again. The Buck shouldn’t pay at all, and the Best Man shouldn’t be expected to monitor it. You’ll get one back in life, we promise. 

5. Or, get the treasurer to organise a kitty - 100 in at the start and the treasurer manages all of the rounds - quick drinkers get the biggest reward, and later in the night, and the trusted treasurer is often found dishing shots and spirits out like Ben Simmons throwing assists. 

6. Cleverly pranking the Buck is brilliant. 

7. Tattooing, shaving or permanently injuring the Buck is taking it too far. 

8. Boat Cruises are the most popular activity in the history of The Bucks Co bookings. They are awesome, and should be investigated by all Best Men.  

9. Plan early. The longer you have to organise, the better. Will mean you won’t miss booking the activity you want, and if will give blokes the chance to save/get the browny points up. The momentum will mean the pre Bucks banter will be of the elite level too.

10. Hydrate! Eat food! We know we are Captain Obvious, but keep all of the party in some form of knick so you can get in everywhere you want to go, and remember as much as you can. Experience has taught us not much gets achieved by a Buck who is all over the shop early in the day. (Outside of a quality early laugh, and months of material. But that is it.) 

11. The Bucks Co have a smorgasbord of cracking activities. Not for everyone, but most are equally as good if booze isn’t your thing. Dare we say, some might even be an improvement! More and more are removing alcohol from their day and we’ve got plenty of cracking activities which fit like a glove. e.g. Go KartsGolf


12. Games will get things off to a flyer and should include all. Get everyone comfortable feeling uncomfortable nice and early. Fouled in pool or snooker? Lie under the table until your next shot. Caught using a nickname when the rule is full name only? Finish your beer off. First one to touch your phone when you’ve committed to leave alone? We’ll be taping those beer cans to both your hands, thank you very much. Good luck with the fly on your first urinal visit. 

13. Chat to the Father and Father of the Bride - be a man and gentleman. They’ve lived a life, get to know the old blokes! They’ll love you and the future son-in-law even more for it. This may come in handy… 

14. But, send the Father and Father-in-law home at some stage. Build a natural break in proceedings where it is an easy decision. E.g. Day at the Races, into dinner (Dad’s go home), las freshen up then hit the bar scene. Naturally, if Dad is one of the boys, play on playa’s, but more often the not, they’ll be happy to move on, so make it easier for them. Shout them a cab while you’re at it. 

15. Let the Buck say no. If something doesn’t feel right, move on. It might be the third shot in a row, a strip show getting a bit too provocative or the handcuffs might be a little too tight. Let them Live. Alternatively, give them the power to nominate a substitute. We’ve seen many champ at the bit to be swapped in!

16. Dress Up. Be it the Buck, or the whole party, get creative, especially for a day session. You’ve enjoyed beers with the lad plenty of time in the jeans and shirt, time to get funky. A theme for all is always one of the best ways to arrive at a Bucks and immediately have a few laughs.  

17. Get changed for the night - a dress on a bloke screams ‘don’t let me in’ to any bar post-sundown (often before), so put your disco shirt off to the side ready to be pulled into action. Pair it with a Lynx Africa roll-on, a splash of Cool Water on the key areas (jaw line, neck, crotch) and you’re ready to go Tom Cruise. 

18. We’re a no for the old ‘meet the Hen’s party’ at some stage trick. Let the boys play. 

19. Pre purchase the Berocca, Hyrdalyte and Nurofen to hand out the morning after. Combine it with a run to Maccas for whoever was the first home to bed, and you will be good as gold by the time you need to stump up again for your first schooner…

20. Book using The Bucks Co! We’re the best in the business at ensuring you’ll have a Bucks party to remember. With activities all over Australia and New Zealand (Vegas soon!), you will not be disappointed. Let us know any tips or tricks we might have missed, we come across all Miyagi, but sometimes we need to paint the fence too. 

Planning a bucks party? Get in touch!


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Emily Christensen

After saying cya to the corporate world, Emily has taken her experience with people and business and put pen to paper. In reality, it's more fingers to the keyboard, but nonetheless, she is crafting copy and content online to help businesses show the world just how great they are!

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