5 Things We Learnt From Bucks Parties This Month…

5. It Doesn't Always Have to be About the Grog

We love a beer as much as the next bloke. (our favourite at the moment is from our friends at ‘Balter’, if you’re shouting..) But, there is a theme coming through from many Bucks enquiries; going easy on the booze. Some now prefer to cram the action in, and just put the adrenaline above Jager’s. Others feel like the connection to their closest mates can be lost when the night ends in a blur. We’re not here to agree or disagree with the principle, but the trend is strong with this one…


4. The Unseasonably Warm Weather Means Outdoor Activities are Still Peaking

An Australian winter normally send people to the open fires, wineries and football grounds, but we’re experiencing some great winter weather and you are taking full advantage! Boat cruises up the east coast and party boats through Southern Australia are hugely popular. Of course, all this warmth means we have an issue with melting Icecaps, but how good are the lads on a boat, ay?! For those that aren’t willing to take the risk, the Scotch and cigar sampling is as reliable as Damien Martyn cut shot.  

Platinum Party 1

3. Our Most Requested Activities Were: Boat Cruise, Clay Shooting and Bubble Soccer

As mentioned, boat cruises sit proudly atop the activities ladder, closely followed by clay shooting and bubble soccer. You’re obviously a competitive lot. A few have added some fantastic award ceremonies for winners (and losers) too. We heard of one group that had a ‘black tie’ event to honour the winners of the Go-Karting that day! Complete with seat fillers and ladies to provide refreshments and entertainment at the half way mark. We’ve just added an activity  called ‘Laser Clay Shooting’, which combines all of the skill of regular clay shooting, but you can do it anywhere, including off the back of a boat. How elite! 


2. Melbourne is the New Black

After a few months of Sydney and the Gold Coast swapping 1st and 2nd position for most popular destination, Melbourne has taken the lead. It makes sense, the AFL is in full swing, the laneways and bars are jam packed and let’s be honest, the weather is never a deterrent for coming to Melbourne. Everyday of the year is an odds on chance of being crap. 

Melbourne park and MCG 

1. Ad Hoc Requests are Getting Fruitier 

Our Sales team love nothing more than a challenge, and the lads of Australia continue to deliver it! With requests ranging from Helicopter tours stretching across Darwin and taking in some remote pubs, sled dog tours over Mt Buller, and night walks in Byron with Night vision google on, we’ve loved some of the ad hoc requests that come across the desk. We’ll continue to grow The Bucks Co business and vow to be at the forefront of providing mates with a new, great adventure… We also caught our work experience kid ‘planking’ last week for Snapchat, so we’re not always cutting edge. FFS Jack. Be better than planking. 

2 Horse Racing 1
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Julian Haines
Founder - Buttoned Up Events

Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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