The ultimate list of buck's party games

Who would have thought there would be so much to organise when it comes to a buck's party! What to do, where to go, what pranks to pull, what guests to invite, and what games to play! Putting some effort into each aspect is going to ensure that the event is not only legendary, but it is a night none of you will forget! It's a special time when the boys all come together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and give the buck a special send-off! The celebrations need to be like no other, and including some games as part of the party, is often a fun way of doing just that!

Games can be a great way of breaking the ice, especially if some of the guests haven't met each other before, and can also be an entertaining way of getting people into the party mood!

From drinking games to quizzes, we have put together a list of the most popular buck's party games to play.

Most Likely - This is the ideal get-to-know-you game to kick things off. Everyone will need to have a full drink close by for this one so make sure you are prepared. Then everyone sits together so you can all see one another, someone asks a question, for example, "Who is most likely to leave early?" and on the count of three every person has to point to the guy who they think is most likely to do it. The "chosen one" is the guy who has the most people pointing to him and has to drink the same amount of sips/shots of his drink, as people were pointing to him.

Two Truths One Lie - Another great ice-breaker, where each man has to come up with 3 statements about himself, and you guessed it, 2 have to be truthful and the other a lie. It's up to the rest of the group to work out what is what, and for those who guess wrong, it's time to drink up!

How Well Do You Know Your Bride? - This one is all about the groom! You'll need to have done some preparation ahead of time for this one, so speak to the bride and find out her answers early. Then during the party, sit the buck down and hit him with the questions! Make sure there's a real mix in there so he at least has a chance to get some right! With every incorrect answer come up with a punishment, maybe it's taking a shot, maybe it's getting a face full of whipped cream on a plate, or even an ice cube down his pants. Here are some questions you could use;
● What is the bride's favourite rom-com?
● What does she consider her worst habits?
● What does she consider your worst habits?
● What is the bride's cup size?
● What are you both most likely to argue about?
● Who is the bride's celebrity crush?

Jenga (but drunk) - A great party starter is the old Jenga, but this time with a twist. Kind of along the lines of King's Cup, you are all going to start by pouring your drinks into one main cup. It doesn't matter if it's beer, wine, or water, it's all going in. This is the losing "prize" for the last man who pulls out the block before the tower falls, this my friend, is now yours to down!

Scavenger Hunt - This is a buck's party classic! If you're heading out and about this one is even better! Get the boys to all put their heads together and decide upon the ultimate list of things you should all do during the day or night's events. The crazier or the more outrageous the better, however, do remember to keep things legal! Some ideas could include;
● Get a free round of drinks
● Find a girl with the same name as the bride
● Get a photo with a hen's party
● Do the worm on the dance floor
● Serenade a stranger
● Ask a girl for a condom

Medusa - Simple and easy, get all the men around a table and ensure there are plenty of drinks or shots close by. All look down at the table and on the count of three everyone looks up and picks a person to look at. If you pick a person who isn't looking at you, you are safe, if you're looking directly at someone who is also looking back at you, you say Medusa and take a sip/shot.

Cup Swap - Take your drink of choice, an empty cup, and a spoon. Now set a timer to 30 seconds and it is up to you to transfer as much of your drink from the full cup to the empty cup as you can, using just the spoon. Then as the timer sounds, everyone has to skull what is left in their original cup!

Beer Pong - An absolute party favourite! You don't need a ping pong table, just any long bench or table will suffice. Now fill up some cups with your drink of choice and place them into a formation at either end (classically it is a triangular shape). Now each team plays from either end and takes turns to either bounce or throw the ball on the full into the other player's cups. If it lands in the cup, that team must drink the drink. Work out the nitty-gritty rules however you wish to play, and ensure you have a strong strategy as to how to distract the other team when it comes to getting the balls in!

Toy Soldiers - Before the night commences, the best man puts a whole lot of toy soldiers in a bag. Now at random, each guest must pick out a soldier and look at his pose. This position will need to be assumed at any point during the party's proceedings when the best man shouts "Assume the position", and each man must also present his toy soldier while doing so.

Knickers - An excellent game for a pub crawl. All you need to do is start with a coin. All men must put this in the palm of their hand and when the best man says "knickers" everyone must reveal their coin in their palm. All players that are showing the side of the coin that is most prevalent are safe. For example, if there are 10 men and 6 are showing tails and 4 are showing heads, then the tails players are safe. Continue playing until 2 men are standing and then the winner is decided by a coin toss. The loser has to put their underwear on the outside of their pants and continue wearing them like this until you arrive at the next bar and play the game again.

Last Man Standing - You'll need to be paying attention for this one, and at all times for that matter! Keep a close eye on your group, because when any man sits on the ground the rest of the men must follow. The last man to sit on the ground must wear the previously chosen punishment item (this could be hideous pants, a tutu, or even penis paraphernalia). However a fun twist can be, if a man sits down and no one else follows, then he is now considered the loser and he must wear the item of clothing!

Only Elbows - Choose a point in the night where there is no longer any pointing, well at least not with your hands anyway! From this point forward, all men are only allowed to point using their elbows, plus they aren't allowed to call out each other's names. If you forget, well there'll be a punishment to follow, and that can be anything of your choosing!

Reply All - The buck's party is a no phone event, so if someone is seen to be breaking that rule there will be a price to pay! What's the price? The groom gets to send a batch text to all the person's contacts without pre-approval from the offender himself. It could even be a photo message of the groom's choosing!

A Way With Words - Pick a theme, whether it's movie quotes or song lyrics, and now it's up to you through the night, to weave these into conversations with complete randoms whenever your team calls upon you to do so! The trick here is not to get caught, you can't just break out into a song that would defeat the whole purpose. Be subtle and be clever, and you might get away unscathed. If discovered, there'll be consequences and that's up to the group to decide!

Plastic Pegs - Grab a whole lot of pegs and assign a colour to each guest or work as different teams. Now when you're out and about, it is your mission to then attach your coloured pegs to the clothing of as many people as possible without being caught!

Well, that should at least get you started! There are plenty of options here, ranging from more tame games to some wilder options, and of course, you can tailor them all to suit the crowd! Choose any punishments and/or rewards accordingly, and ensure everyone's on board with what the group decides! We want to make sure everyone is still having a good time, including the groom, even though he may get the bulk of the "punishments"!

With so many great games to play, you might need more time than just one night! If you're thinking about taking a boy' trip, check out some of our suggestions on the top 10 destinations for a legendary buck's party, and make a weekend out of it!

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