Top 10 Bucks Party Activities!

The Bucks Co are here to shake things up and offer some unique activities to consider when it comes to planning an epic bucks party! There’s the tradition of the strippers and getting the boys together over some booze, but why not think outside the box and tailor some activities to the groom himself?

Whether the buck is an outdoor adventure lover or a foodie, we have some options that throw a few new ideas into the mix to make the boys' day, night or weekend, one to remember!

1. Watersports!

To put it plainly if the man likes the water, let the man be in the water! Just because it's the bucks party doesn’t mean we have to stay on dry land! With a multitude of options for watersports, you could all jump on some jet skis and go on a jet ski safari! Looking for a slower pace, why not take a kayak out for a paddle, or even try a surf lesson! Or to really ‘dive right in’ take the boys out on a snorkelling or a dive trip.  Whatever activity you choose, if the buck is a water lover you gotta get ready to get wet!

2. Shoot 'Em Up

One of the classic bucks party traditions is to get involved in some paintball! We aren’t here to say that that’s a bad thing, but we are here to give some options to those that don’t necessarily want to come out as battered and bruised. Dialling it down a notch, we have laser tag. Just as fun, yet without the pain factor, we can organise a session just for you and the boys to battle it out and then re-group over some tasty food at the end.

There’s also the lesser-known, archery attack, where instead of guns you’re using a bow and arrows (padded for protection of course) to fight it out in various challenges. If you’re wanting to channel your inner Viking, this could be a great time to do that!

Otherwise, if you’re not wanting to take aim at your mates, there’s always clay shooting as a fun option too!

3. I’m On A Boat

There’s something to be said about getting out on the water and getting some fresh air! To some people they may like a relaxing fishing trip, to show off exactly what they can pull! For others, maybe a more luxurious vibe and hiring a catamaran to set sail could be the ticket. However, if you’re looking to turn it up a notch, then you can’t go past a jet boat experience or a party boat to kick things off with a bang, or should we say splash!

4. Fast and Furious

If you reckon the groom-to-be thinks there’s only one way to live life, and that’s in the fast lane, then these activities are here to quench their need for speed! Strap in and get your engines running and take to the go-kart track. Whether you want indoor or outdoor, get the track just to you and the boys to battle it out and find out who is the king of the circuit! Or jump onto something slightly bigger and get ready to cover more rugged terrain on a quad bikes tour! The ultimate goal of these bad boys, may not be to race to the end, but they sure are a hell of a lot of fun going off-road and taking the road less travelled.

5. Game On

It’s time to let your gaming skills shine, and not just from the confines of your own home! We have found some epic gaming and amusement bars (think adult timezone!) where you and the boys can have the ultimate face-off. We’re talking Pinball, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat at an E-Sports Gaming Bar. And your traditional arcade games like Buck Hunter (how fitting), Dance Dance Revolution, to name a few at an Amusement Bar. Booking a package will offer you food and drinks options and your own VIP experience, so let the games begin!

6. Got The Balls?

If you’ve got a group of boys who as kids were always outside running around after a football, rugby ball, soccer ball or any kind of ball, then this is for you. Get the blood pumping and the competitive spirits shine as you take on your mates in a ball game. With plenty of options to choose from, maybe you want to dodge, duck, dip, dive and try your hand at dodgeball. Maybe jumping into some inflatable balls and trying to play soccer is more up your alley. Speaking of alleys, 10-pin bowling can always be a good time. Or if you’re wanting a bit of competition but don’t want to really crack a sweat, barefoot bowls could be a great option too - plus there’s usually a bar there!

7. Cheers Boys

Now I know we said we were bringing you some other ideas outside from just a booze-up right, so hear us out! Maybe we get a little classy and do a winery tour, we’re talking private bus and driver, gourmet meals and plenty of wine to taste. Or maybe the bachelor is more into his liquor and a whisky tour or a whiskey tasting might be more fitting for the lads. And last but not least, if the man just has eyes for the beer we have pub crawls, brewery tours or some lovely ladies to serve you and the boys up a pint or too!

8. It’s Tee Time

Does the groom-to-be fancy a day on the green or maybe they just like to bash a few balls around on the driving range? If the bachelor enjoys swinging and club, then there are certainly options available! You’ve got your standard golf day out, maybe checking out a famous course or cutting laps around the fairway on the buggies. Or, you’ve got other options to enjoy too. There are mini-golf bars, we’re talking neon lights, music, and golf-themed cocktails - this isn’t like the places we remember as kids! There’s golf simulators, for those who enjoy the game but don’t enjoy the endless walking after the golf ball after each round. And then we get to the famous TopGolf, if you know you know, but it’s a game that’s half golf simulator, half darts, where you hit micro-chipped golf balls at a giant dartboard-like target and the further the distance and the closer to the target you get, the more points you earn. Trust us, this is a favourite of ours!

9. Adrenaline Junkie

Looking for something to get the heart pumping of the daredevil bachelor? Well, look no further! What about sending him up (and whoever else is game) into the sky to jump out of a plane? If he’s already done that, but is up for flinging his body off of something, then there’s bungee jumping or rap jumping as options as well. Something for you all to enjoy together, and may require a little bit of teamwork, is white water rafting, which will leave you with memories you’ll never forget!

10. Race Day

Whether it’s the horses or the dogs, if it's running we’re there! If the buck is a sucker for all things racing organising a day at the races or a night at the dogs could be right up his alley! The Bucks Co can organise packages that include transport, food and drink packages, VIP areas or marquees, all depending on where and when you want to plan the event. A great activity for year-round availability and with destinations across Australia you’ll have plenty to choose from both in metro and regional areas.

That’s hopefully left you with some food for thought on some ways to keep you and the boys entertained that are outside of the stock standard strippers! Stick with activities that align with the groom’s hobbies or how he likes to spend his time, and anything a bit left of field maybe run it by him (or someone close to him) to ensure he’d be up for it and enjoy it! 

When planning the buck’s party escapades don’t forget to think about re-fueling between activities, organising transport ahead of time (no one wants to wait an hour for an Uber!), and potentially accommodation if you’ve got a big day and night planned. If this is your first time planning a bucks party or you need a bit more info, check out our previous post, on how to pull off the ultimate bucks party.

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