20 Best Bucks Party Ideas (2024)

So, your best mate has popped the question and you've been bestowed the ultimate honour of organising the final night of freedom... Where to start? Right here yo! Read on for The Bucks Co's 20 Best Bucks Party Ideas to ensure your Bucks party is one for the ages. Comfortably the best tips since Zac from Saved by the Bell.

With classics like boat cruise, bubble football and golf through to whiskey tasting, archery attack and clay shooting you'll be looking for more hours in the weekend to squeeze it all in. Our 20 to 1 countdown starts now!

20. Bubble Soccer – Bubble or Nothing

The best party with Bubbles since Michael Jackson was living it up in the Neverland Ranch! This one has been on The Bucks Co radar for a while now. It seems to combine all the best elements of a sporting contest for a party - limited skill for the actual game, protection from a bad injury and the ability to smash into each other ad nauseam with no consequence. For the uninitiated, you pop yourself in a big plastic zorb, pretend to play the ball and secretly co-ordinate to line up the Bucks and give him a fearful bubble filled shirt front not seen since Dermy copped it  in the opener of the ’89 AFL Grand Final. It appears that easy. You can bring the party to the bubbles, or have the bubbles come to you. 

19. Party Boat – A Pirate’s Life For Me

As Dale Doback so eloquently put it, “Iv’e gotta have me more boats…” ( and Hoes, each to their own). If you’re tired of the whole partying on land thing, hit the water for a private shindig that provides unparalleled views of the city, plenty of liquid on lips and the privacy for some cheeky exotic ladies to get the pulse racing. Party Boats range from your comfortable timber types all the way to the sweet and sleek Yachts, they’re both on point to party from, you just don’t see Leonardo DiCaprio bringing chicks onto one of them though…


18. Clay Shooting – Clay-Time is Over

For centuries British men and women popped pheasants out of the sky for sport. Nowadays in the absence of guns (and pheasants. What is a pheasant?), we forego the opportunity to pull a trigger in the name of sport. Clay shooting brings it all back, and your bucks party will be the richer for it! No experience or a gun licence is necessary as our trusted instructors show you the ropes. It must be noted that this is one activity where sobriety is key. Alcohol and drugs prior and during the event are a definite no no. 

17. Sport Fishing – Give a Man a Fish and He’ll Eat For a Day

Teach a Buck to fish, and you’ll never hear the end of it if he reels a big one in…’ We’ll charter you a boat for the day and send you out into the deep seas. Marlin, Barra, Gummy - I could spend all day naming fish you’ll tell your mates you had on the line until the last second… But truthfully, you can hook some big fish on a chartered boat if you’re in the right waters.  Couple that with a few beers and you have a cracking day ahead of you. 

16. VIP Strip Club Package – It’s a Rite of Passage

Let us take the hard work out of piling 20 of your mates into a shabby strip club, we’ll get you into the one that suits the party you want to have. Private dances, secret shows and girls to suits every buck need. Long considered the last night of freedom (and last chance to feast the eyes/occasional wondering hand on the naked female form) it’s ironically the married lads in the Bucks party who drive this one the hardest! 

15. Poker – Who Holds the Aces?

The only flop you’ll get on a Bucks Co event!  Actually, wait, does that mean you’ll be erect for most of it? We’ll stop now. The Poker night has steadily grown in popularity over the journey. Patron Saint of the Buck, Warney, is on the World tour for goodness sake. From teaching the basics for beginners or keeping an eye on the card counters amongst the party, our Poker night can cater for all. If you fancy turning the heat up on your Poker night, we can organise some topless waitresses and dealers (even a show), so don’t be shy, sing out. 


14. German Beer Hall – Bucks in Bavaria. Prost!

When The Bucks Co completed a semester of German studies in Year 9, we left knowing three key phrases. ‘Wie viel für dieses Bierz?’ (How much for that beer?) ‘Ich habe einen Bruder’ (I have one brother) and ‘ist das Eisbein so frisch wie es aussieht?’ (Is the pork knuckle as fresh as it looks?). Clearly none of them proved that helpful, except for our German Beer Hall experience where we can dazzle wait staff and Bucks party attendees with our handle on the local language. Lunch or dinner at a German Beer Hall gives you the feed you need to power through the night, and a stein is always a good test of your manliness. Clink them loudly and drink, spill plenty and leave even more down the front of your shirt. With pretzels, pork knuckles (see above phrase to impress) and a round of schnapps on us, this could be the best German export since the Mercedes Benz and leather shorts. 

13. Paintball – Buck Hunt

For the competitive buck. Save a shot for the Father in Law. You might not get this opportunity again. Take it. For the rest of the party, grab the camouflage gear and rub some dirt into the face - this is legit warfare. Split into teams and compete over a variety of courses and challenges all the while nailing anyone that comes into your eye line (The Bucks Co has been known to engage in a bit of sabotage for a cheap laugh). Whether it be CBD indoor courses or regional outdoor, paintball is always a much sought bucks activity.


12. Barefoot Bowls – Bowls, Snag and Pots

Icy cold beers at genuinely 1970 prices. Shoes off for a few ends. Stitching up some of your best mates with a roll better suited to ten pin bowling. Priceless. Continues to grow in Bucks party popularity. One reason is that your average late 20’s year old male is still looking for a sport to get into the Olympics with, so a flame still burns for Bowls. You never know if a scout might be watching… (they won’t) The second takes us back to the start - cheap beers and relaxed environment before you pick it up a notch in the evening…

11. Whisky Tasting – I Love Scotch. Scotchy Scotch Scotch.

Here it goes, down into my belly.” -Ron Burgundy. Dark Spirits is in a resurgence world wide, and many are capitalising with tours of the boutique distilleries popping up around the country. Has a real gentleman’s club feel to it, a few ice blocks, aged scotch and rich mahogany creating a perfect environment to re-live the best years of the Buck’s life. Yes, we’re including the years to come.

You will sample over 5 whisky’s, with some history lesson thrown in for good measure. You’ll cover whisk(e)y’s by region, from Irish, Scottish, Japanese to Australian, and Bourbon vs Scotch (vs Tennessee Whisky). Our knowledgeable hosts cater for all, from the experienced gentleman who loved nothing more than the end scene of Boston Legal watching Spader and Shatner wax lyrical over a Scotch and hogey, or the junior who want to soak up everything about the experience. The whisky tasting sessions are all housed in a private bar or at your accommodation, to give you the intimate VIP experience.


10. TOPGOLF – The Ultimate in Golf

Topgolf has been a mainstay of every Vegas Bucks trip since it opened mid-2016. It is ama-a-a-zing.  It is also a game that anyone can play (and win). Score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets on an outfield. The closer you get your ball to the centre or ‘bullseye’ and the further the distance, the more points earned.  This is all done in bays that pour out over 3 levels, all while a waiter caters to your every need… The better news? Topgolf can now be found on the Gold Coast! It’s a golf driving range on steroids, and is already one of our most requested activities. We can add some food and drink in for your party, and co-ordinate transport to and from. If your Bucks party is keen to head up the Coast, not considering Topgolf is almost like suggesting your favourite Golfer is Phil Mickelson... 

9. Bar Crawl – Why Walk When You Can Crawl

Why order a meal from the menu when you can taste it all at the buffet?? Don’t get trapped at a nightclub that just isn’t living up to the hype - sample a few before we end up at the biggest and best. We’ll get you in and find you a perfect dance floor to finish the night off with a arm-in-arm rendition of “Horses’. The Bucks Co is also fond of a few ‘worm’ moves and even a cheeky robot, but that might just be us. Each to their own.

8. Axe Throwing - I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay

Have you ever been at the pub throwing a few competitive darts around, and thought ‘yeah darts is a sweet way to pass the time, but it just lacks a bit of danger. Wish i could step it up a notch.’ One way is to put your hand up on the board and see who can throw a dart between your fingers. We do not recommend. The other is to give the sport of axe throwing a hurl! It’s primitive, it’s fun and will challenge all.

The sport <cough> is synonymous with Lumberjack competitions world-wide, and as expected requires training (provided on the day) and few safety rules to ensure you don’t get hit with a wayward axe. We’ve all seen the destruction Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. caused. Naturally, boozed blokes and axes are a worse mix than Ouzo and Milk (keep quiet strange Greek Uncle Stavros), so keep the booze away from this one.


7. Golf – Foooorrreeeeee!

Golf isn’t really that fun unless you can belt around in a few carts, nearly turn it over behind that bunker on the 8th, and sneak a few throat charmers into the glove box. The Bucks Co can organise that all for you. If you and the mates fancy yourselves as budding Jason Day’s, we can even find a course more befitting your (alleged) skills. It is the perfect Bucks Party event if you have a few different sets of mates who don’t know each other. Let them bond over their collective poor swings, missed 3 footers and putts from the rough.

6. Horse Racing – Sport of Kings

Get a group quaddie on, cheer that nag home in the last, and make a pact to spend all winnings on the night - Legends will be made. A couple of equally good options with Horse Racing - the big city courses have it all, the best races, the good looking girls and the whole box and dice when it comes to facilities. Country Racing is equally brilliant as a day out though, more relaxed setting, opportunities for a marquee or VIP package and some easy transport options to get you in and out before the natives kick off after the 10th.


5. Archery Attack – Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge

We all know that if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. But can you dodge an arrow? Time to find out. Able to be setup in mobile locations across the country, pick your side and pretty much compete in what one Bucks Co staffer described as ‘medieval paintball’. 

Fast paced, fun and requiring enough skill to keep things interesting,  Archery Attack might just be the competitive activity perfect for your Bucks party. Also gives a rare opportunity to re-enact the Braveheart scene where one Scot gets shot in the bum after mooning the English for a second too long. A free shot at the Groom is a non negotiable. 

4. Brewery Tour – No Explanation Required. The Best!

The burgeoning craft beer market makes this an even better experience for the taste buds at so many locations. The beer guys can look after the party no end, with some offering tours of the facilities, others overflowing ‘tasters’ of every beer on offer and all provide great environments to kick off the staple of most bucks parties; daytime drinking. The beauty of the brewery tour is it can be an afternoon session with the lads, or it can be a little taster for a bigger day. You tell us, we’ll make it happen. 

3. Private Bar – Your Shout!

Keeping the punters away from the lads? Or the lads away from the punters? Either way, a private bar allows the boys to turn the hijinx dial up a couple of notches. Be it a perfect stage for your award ceremonies from the days activities, or a back drop to some classic 'stitch up' games for you Buck, a little bit of alone time creates some of the best laughs and memories. An easily managed bar tab and food are just some of the added benefits on offer, and if some scantily clad ladies are your favoured waiting staff, we can make it happen.

2. Go Karts – Burn-Outs and a Buck

Nothing like incorporating Go Karts into your Bucks party, a timeless classic. Burn around on a local course chastising your mates for not knowing what a ‘racing line’ is ‘through the chicane’. Go Karts is guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing, and a perfect bonding style of activity. The first kart was actually built from an adapted chainsaw two-stroke engine, and the ‘chainsaw’ is ironically the celebration of choice for when the Bucks Co storms home for a podium finish. No, not based on the Brett Lee wicket celebration. You’re better than that.

1. Boat Cruise – Throw Some Lobsters, Jordan Belfort Style

‘I’m not f**king leaving!!’ (Quaaludes definitely not provided) We can cater a suitable yacht package that suits the needs of your party. The smaller Catalina style is perfect for a smaller crew. Sun deck to lay back and catch some rays and a fully stocked fridge in the cabin to keep you hydrated. The bigger yachts fit up to 40 people with a Skipper to guide you around the waterways and keep you from going the way of the Concordia…


The Bucks Co. Your one-stop shop for Bucks party ideas! With a huge list of awesome activities that is forever expanding, take it to the bank that the perfect Bucks party awaits. With classics like boat cruise, bubble football and golf through to whiskey tasting, archery attack and clay shooting you’ll be looking for more hours in the weekend to squeeze it all in.

With destinations across Australia and New Zealand, our team is committed to ensuring your Groom has the send off he deserves! From the big smoke of Sydney and Melbourne, the sun and surf of Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and Perth, or across the ditch to the ski fields of Queenstown, we have you covered everywhere and in-between.

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Julian is our in-house self-proclaimed "Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, he has been the chief planner of many events across Australia.

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